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LED Lattice Light

  • P24 LED Module
  • P24 LED Module
P24 LED ModuleP24 LED Module

P24 LED Module

  • SMD 5050 RGB 3in1
  • Pixel Pitch:24*24mm
  • Resolution:1680 dot/m2
  • Refresh Rate:1500hz
  • Product description: smart rgb led strip,DC 5Voltage, Lightweight.Breakpoint transmission resume.Ideal for large format lightbox backlighting and indoor led video display

RGB LED Lattice Backlighting and Display

Technical Specification

Model P24 Lattice Panel P48 Lattice Strip
Lamp 160*SMD 5050 3in1 12*SMD 5050 3in1
Panel/Strip Size 472*170mm 478*12mm
Pixel Pitch 24*24 mm 40*48 mm
Resolution 1680 dot/m² 576 dot/m²
Refresh Rate 1500 hz 1500 HZ
Dimension Hx472mm W HX478mmW
Ingress Protection IP44 IP44
Drive Voltage 5V/DC 5V/DC
Max.Power 450w/m² 240w/m²
Avg.Power 155w/m² 95w/m²
Brightness >5200 cd/m² 2200 cd/m²
Controller optional optional
Weight 2.5 kg/m² 1.5 kg/m²
Installation Hanging or Stacking
Design Life >50000 Hours
Temperature -10~50

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