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Dynamic Light Box

  • P20 Motion Lightbox Backlight
P20 Motion Lightbox Backlight

P20 Motion Lightbox Backlight

  • SMD 2835
  • Avg.Power:3.5w
  • Diemnsion:L32xW24 cm
  • CE/Rohs/Fcc Certifiacted
  • Product description: Tension fabric light box,T1K-TTL Led Controller,Billboard,Sign,Motion banner Billboard Backlighting,Pure white color,Constant Current,50% Energy-saving,Breakpoint Transmission Resumeultra stable,turn

Dynamic light box management software provided.

P20 LED Backlights for Motion Light Boxes,Animated LED Displays ,Back Lit Fabric Displays

Technical Specification

Model P20 Board P20 Board-export
LED 192xSMD 2835 192xSMD 2835
Dimension L32 xW24 cm L32 x W24 cm
PCB Thickness 1.0 mm 1.6 mm CCL
Pixel Pitch 20 mm 20 mm
Drive Voltage DC 5V DC 5V
Peak.Power 13.5w/pc 13.5w/pc
Avg.Power 3.5w/pc 3.5w/pc
Signal Patch Z Z
Control Chip Constant Current+ Breakpoint Transmission
Heating Dissipation PCB board Dual copper mesh+Air flow
Weight 162g/pcs 220g/pcs
Connection Power cable,Signal port Power cable,Signal port
Installation Screw/Magnet Screw/Magnet
Customsize on order 48*24 cm 48*24 cm
Enery-saving Rate 45% 45%
Certification CE/Rohs/FCC CE/Rohs/FCC
Warranty 2yrs 2yrs

Cooper chromed PCB board

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