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Transparent LED Display

  • P3.91 Indoor
  • P3.91 Indoor
P3.91 IndoorP3.91 Indoor

P3.91 Indoor

  • SMD 1921 RGB3 in1
  • Pixel Pitch:3.91*7.82mm
  • Resolution:32768 dot/m2
  • Refresh Rate:3840hz
  • Product description: In-Store Video Walls and LED Displays Signal patch and Power cable integrated in one PBC panel box. CE, Rohs, and FCC certificated.

Technical Data sheet

Item Unit Data Data
Model / P3.91*7.82 P7.82*7.82
LEDs SMD 1921(1R1G1B) 1921(1R1G1B)
Resolution dot/㎡ 32768 dot/㎡ 16384 dot/㎡
H. Pixel Pitch mm 3.91mm 7.82mm
V.Pixel Pitch mm 7.82mm 7.82mm
Grayscale Level bit 16bit (65536) 16 bit (65536)
Brightness cd/㎡ 3300cd/㎡ 4500cd/㎡
Contrast / 1.083333333 0.875
Horizontal Beam Angle ° 160° 160°
Vertical Beam Angle ° 120° 120°
Best View Distance m 4-30m 8-30 m
Max. Power Consumption W/㎡ 400W 500W
Avg. Power Consumption W/㎡ 105W 175W
Unit Weight kg/㎡ 8.4kg 8.6kg
Refresh Rate Hz 1920 HZ 3840 HZ
Power AC V AC 100-240V AC 100-240V
Design Life Span H ≥100000H ≥100000H
Transparency % 79% 75%

In-Store Video Walls and LED Displays,Digital Signage - Windows (Retail), Digital Window Display Screens

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