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LED Lattice Light

  • P24 Curtain Lights
  • P24 Curtain Lights
P24 Curtain LightsP24 Curtain Lights

P24 Curtain Lights

  • SMD 5050 RGB 3in1
  • Pixel Pitch:24*24mm
  • Resolution:1680 dot/m2
  • Refresh Rate:1500hz
  • Product description: P24 is developed for glass curtain wall media facade lighting. 1. Flexible installation: small and lightweight. 2. Breakpoint Transmission Resume

Model P24  Rollup Strip P48 Rollup Strip
Lamp DIP 5050 RGB 3in1 DIP 5050 RGB 3in1
Transparency 75% 85%
Pixel Pitch 24*24 mm 48*48 mm
Resolution 1680 dot/m2 576 dot/m2
Refresh Rate 1500 hz 1500 HZ
Screen Size custom H*472mm W custom H*478mmW
Ingress Protection IP66 IP66
Drive Voltage 5V/DC 5V/DC
Max.Power 450w/m2 240w/m2
Avg.Power 155w/m2 95w/m2
Brightness >5200 cd/m2 2200 cd/m2
Controller optional
Weight 2.5 kg/m2 1.5kg/m2
Installation Hanging
Design Life >50000 Hours

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