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  • LED Video Pixel Linear
  • LED Video Pixel Linear
LED Video Pixel LinearLED Video Pixel Linear

LED Video Pixel Linear

  • DIP346 (1R1G1B)
  • Pixel :40 dot/m
  • Grayscale:12 bit (4096)
  • Refresh Rate:960hz
  • Product description: Outdoor led display,banner,video wall,digital signage,easy and fast connect,aluminum alloy housing,IP67,Epistar DIP346 LEDs- Vertical Pitch 16mm,25mm. Custom Horizontal Pitch,no limit to the budget, f

The H238S RGB LED video pixel linear/bar is easy and fast connect to an display screen with our socket and cabinet. 

It can be installed according to the budget, for example, one square can install 16, 11, and 8 pieces. The cost control is flexible and convenient, suitable for large-pitch low-cost , and irregular display project, etc. The dead point continuous transmission keep it work stable , 12 bit 4096-level grayscale, and full encapsulation IP67 waterproof ,more durable.

--Jewery store led wall display screen

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