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LED Signage Lighting

  • LED Sign Module
LED Sign Module

LED Sign Module

  • 110V/220V
  • 7000K
  • SMD 2835
  • Product description: 100 lm/w,6 chip,AC Direct LED Sign Backlit Module,Channel Letter Lighting,Light Box Lighting, and Logo Lighting. SMD2835

AC Direct LED Sign Backlit Module-6 Chip 2835

SMD2835 Waterproof,6W,7000 K,Single Color,Channel Letter ,Light Box Lighting, and Logo Lighting.

3M mounting tape on the back of each module is included.

Technical Specification
Model Color Input Voltage Wattage Qty of LED Color Temp Luminous Efficacy (LED) Strip Luminous Beam Angle Dimension
HW15 Custom 220 V 4 W 6 7000 K 100 lm/w 400 lm 160° 150*19*5 mm
HW20 Custom 220 V 6 W 6 7000 K 130 lm/w 780 lm 165° 200*19*5 mm
*Each module can be cut anywhere on the lead wires between each module.*Maxium serial connection of modules: 50 PCS.

The HW15/20 provides a bright light that illuminates well while consuming very small amounts of electricity to operate compared to conventional lighting.A great economical LED solution for channel letter lighting, letter background lighting, light box lighting, and logo lighting.

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