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  • LED Video Column
  • LED Video Column
LED Video ColumnLED Video Column

LED Video Column

  • DIP346 (1R1G1B)
  • Pixel :40 dot/m
  • Grayscale:12 bit (4096)
  • Refresh Rate:960hz
  • Product description: Jumbotron 360 Degree Outdoor Daylight Video Wall, LED Pillar,round led display,digital signage,easy and fast assemble,P67,Epistar DIP346 LEDs- Vertical Pitch 16mm,25mm

360 Degree Outdoor Daylight LED Video Wall Column Display,8500 nits brightness,Jumbotron rental,Digital signage

The H238S RGB LED video pixel linear/bar is easy and fast connect toandisplayscreen with our socket and cabinet.

It can be installed according to the budget, for example, one square can install 16, 11, and 8 pieces. The cost control is flexible and convenient, suitable for large-pitch low-cost , and irregular display project, etc. The dead point continuous transmission keep it work stable , 12 bit 4096-level grayscale, and full encapsulation IP67 waterproof ,more durable.

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