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  • T42D Facade Lighting
  • T42D Facade Lighting
  • T42D Facade Lighting
T42D Facade LightingT42D Facade LightingT42D Facade Lighting

T42D Facade Lighting

  • SMD5050 RGB
  • Dimension: 1000*24*24 mm
  • Power:DC24V-14W
  • Outdoor application
  • Product description: Architectural and event LED lighting,DC24V RGB LED Strip

Model T42D Full color T42D One Color
Lamp SMD5050 RGB 3in1 SMD5050 RGB
Dimension 1000*24*24 mm 1000*24*24 mm
Q'ty of lamps 42/m 42/m
Grayscale 8 bit (256) ///
Power 14 W/M 16W/M
Working  Volgtage 24 V/DC 24V/Dc
Lighting Type Serial cascade single color on/off
Light Chips K15X K15X
Waterproof Treatment Silicone potting Silicone potting
PCB Model FR-4 FrR-4
Dust free cover Panlite Panlite
Cabinet Material Extrusion Alloy
Contious Power Supply 50M 50 M
Ingress Protection IP66 IP66

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