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Transparent LED Display

  • H3125 Transparent LED
  • H3125 Transparent LED
H3125 Transparent LEDH3125 Transparent LED

H3125 Transparent LED

  • DIP 346(1R1G1B)
  • Pixel Pitch:31.25*25mm
  • Resolution:1280 dot/m2
  • Refresh Rate:3840hz
  • Product description: Epistar DIP LED 346,Novastar LED receiving card,aluminum housing smart led strip

Model H3125S H3125B
Lamp DIP 346 (1R1G1B) DIP 346 (1R1G1B)
Transparency 62% 85%
Pixel Pitch 31.52*25mm 62.5*25mm
Resolution 1280 dot/m2 640 dot/m2
Refresh Rate 7680 hz 7680 hz
Cabinet Size 1000*1500 mm 1000*1500mm
Cabinet Material aluminum aluminum
Ingress Protection IP67 IP67
Power Voltage AC 100-240 V AC 100-240V
Max.Power 450w/m2 350w/m2
Avg.Power 105w/m2 75w/m2
Brightness >7000 CD >4200CD
Weight 12 KG/M2 8.5KG/M2
Document Fotmat Any format Video,Image and Audio
Cellphone O.S Free app, Android 5.1.1
Best View Distance 25-300m 50-500 mm
Installation Hanging or Stacking
Suggestedapplication area> 50 square meters, transparency 65%-85%and brightness >7000CD, suitable for almost all exterior facades,
Glass curtain wall, roof advertising screen column advertising screen and commercial street sky ceiling screen, etc., is an all-round product that occupies 70% of LED grid screen application market.

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