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Transparent LED Display

  • P55 LED Stage Screen
P55 LED Stage Screen

P55 LED Stage Screen

  • SMD 3535 RGB
  • Pixel Pitch:55*55mm
  • Resolution:350 dot/m²
  • Refresh 4096hz
  • Product description: LED Pixel Mesh Curtain,P55x55mm ,SMD3535 Leds,Pixel Desnsity 350 dot/m²,Grayscale 14 bit,Foldable rolls.CE, Rohs, and FCC certificated.


Soft mesh with LED nodes affixed provide decorative flexibility as a stage backdrop. Soft, thin, light weight and flexible, this velvet LED drapery is versatile enough to create circles, columns, ellipses, triangles, and all sorts of irregular shapes and carry your high definition video for impressive and creative uses. Excellent and cost-effective for a theatrical display or backdrop, or any longer running exhibition or event. LED Curtain can display graphics, images, flashes, or text.


  • Pixel pitch: 55mm
  • Brightness: 3,200 cd⁄m² (nits)
  • Gray levels: 14 bit
  • Protocol: SPI
  • Inputs: Ethernet
  • LED configuration: 3535 SMD LED
  • Optimal viewing distance: 50 to 300 meters
  • Unit weight: 2.2 kg. per m²
  • Power consumption: 45-200 watts max.
  • Refresh rate: 4,096 hz.
  • Viewing angles: 130° × 130°

Technical Specification

Model P55-WGP-1 P55-WGP-2 P55-WGP-3
IC Type TM1914 TM1914 TM1914
LEDs per Pixel SMD SMD3535*1 SMD3535*2 SMD 3535*3
Pixel Density Pixel/M2 332
Horizontal pitch mm 55mm
Vertical pitch mm 55mm
Grayscale bit 12bit (4096) 8 bit (256) 8 bit (256)
Brightness nits 2500 3200 4200
Contrast / ‘1:1200 ‘1:2000 ’1:2000
Viewing angle 140°x140°
Scan Static
Max power consumption w/m2 100W 175W 230W
Avg power consumption w/m2 35W 60W 80W
Unit weight kg/m2 2.5kg 2.8kg 3.0 kg
Refresh frequency Hz 4096 HZ 2048 HZ 2048 HZ
Power supply voltage DC/ V DC12/15V DC 12V DC 12V
Life span H ≥80000H
Transparency % 70% 65% 65%
Ingress protection IP IP67
Housing Material Polycarbonate(PC)
Housing Color Clear/Black

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