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Flexible LED Screen

  • P27 Digital Curtain
P27 Digital Curtain

P27 Digital Curtain

  • SMD 3535 RGB
  • Pixel Pitch:27.5*27.5mm
  • Resolution:1400 dot/m²
  • Refresh 4096hz
  • Product description: Flexible LED Display Screen for Wedding, Party and Events.Top Haning LED Video Curtain,Video Wall,Media Mesh Screen,SMD 3535 RGB-Pixel Pitch 27.5x27.5mm,IP67,Grayscale 14bit, Refresh 4906Hz,NovaStar T

P27 Outdoor Flexible LED Pixel Curtain Screen,Top Hanging Installation, NovaStar TB2 Player.

Technical Specification

Model P27 Flexible LED Screen,Digital LED Video Curtain,Video Wall,Soft Advertising Display
Led Type SMD 3535 RGB 1 led/dot Max.Power 400 w/m²
Resolution 1400 dot/m² Avg.Power 115 w/m²
Pixel Pitch 27.5x27.5 mm Refresh Rate 4096 hz
Grayscale 14 bit (4096) Drive  Volgtage 12 V/DC
Brightness ≥6000cd/m² Ingress Protection IP 67
Contrast 1:2000 Housing Material PC
View Angle H 130° x 130° Weight 3.6  kg/m²
Best View Distance 30-300 m Design Life >100000 Hours

The Flexible LED screen is specially designed for the projection of videos and graphics synchronous to the computer,

like Video Curtain, Video Wall, Creative LED Stage.
The displays can be easily suspended from truss systems.

The mounting clip modular design allows the horizontal and vertical built-up of video screens, indoor and outdoor.

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