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LED Wall Washer

  • T42D LED Pixel Bar
  • T42D LED Pixel Bar
T42D LED Pixel BarT42D LED Pixel Bar

T42D LED Pixel Bar

  • SMD5050 RGB
  • Dimension: 1000*24*24 mm
  • Power:DC24V-14W
  • Outdoor application
  • Product description: Programmable 24V RGB LED Pixel Bar/Linear lights,SMD3535 LEDs,K15X Chip,build-in power management module,eliminate voltage drop issues,runing well at 50 meters long with one power supply,SL102 alumin

T42D LED Pixel Bar,24V RGB LED strip lights,Eliminate voltage drop issues.


1.Intelligent power management, direct supply 50 meters without replenishment.
2.Individual,breakpoint transmission lighting solution.
3.Full silicone spotting housing,IP Rated65,more safe and durable.
4.The wire cable is hidden into the aluminum channel bracket ,excellent apperance.

Model T42D Full color T42D One Color
Lamp Epistar SMD5050 RGB 3in1 SMD5050 RGB
Dimension 1000*24*24 mm 1000*24*24 mm
Q'ty of lamps 42/m 42/m
Grayscale 8 bit (256) ///
Power 14 W/M 16W/M
Working  Volgtage 24 V/DC 24V/Dc
Lighting Type Serial cascade single color on/off
Light Chips K15X K15X
Waterproof Treatment Silicone potting Silicone potting
PCB Model FR-4 FrR-4
Dust free cover Panlite Panlite
Housing Material Extrusion Alloy
Contious Power Supply 50M 50 M
Ingress Protection IP65 IP65

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