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LED Pixel Light

  • OB36 LED Pixel Light
OB36 LED Pixel Light

OB36 LED Pixel Light

  • Lamp: DIP 346 (4R3G3B)
  • Grayscale:14 bit (4096)
  • Ingress Protection IP67
  • Shell Material ABS
  • Product description: Outdoor led pointlight,led pixel bar, rgb facade lighting,avaialbe for 50,80,100mm pixel, DIP 346 (4R3G3B),building facade outline effect lighting,break point transmission control

Technical Specification
Model OB36 Max.Power 2.2 w
Lamp DIP 346 (4R3G3B) Avg.Power 1.2 w
Vertical Pitch 40-100 mm Brightness >4500 CD
Resolution 1 dot/pc Controller MingRui,Novastar
Grayscale 14 bit (4096) Weight 0.12-0.15 kg/m
Refresh Rate 960 hz Best View Distance 35-300 m
Housing Material Injection ABS Design Life >100000 Hours
HxV View Anglel 140° *90° Ingress Protection IP67

The OB36mm 12V RGB LED Pixel Point Light is specially developed for outdoor irregular screens. It supports arbitrary arrangement of traces and freely controls the cost of use.
1. DC12V long-distance power supply and signal transmission mode, power supply and control hardware devices can be placed on one side of the entire display part, so this part of the equipment can be concealed installation. At the same time, the appearance of some light strips is small, and all equipment can be installed to minimize the impact on the original building space and structure.
2. Flexible installation method: The product size is small, the weight is light, and the flexible steel wire rope can realize flexible and diverse installation methods.
3. Using a special dead-end continuous transmission control  system, even if one of the pixel points is damaged, it will not affect the signal reception of subsequent pixels, and the product failure rate is minimized.

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