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Las Vegas' Viva Vision canopy getting a $32M upgrade

The Fremont Street Experience's Viva Vision canopy is getting a $32 million upgrade that will make it brighter. Photo Credit: Fremont Street Experience

Atop the Fremont Street Experience's pedestrian-only thoroughfare sits one of Las Vegas' most beloved and mocked attractions. It is the Viva Vision canopy, the world's largest video screen, which stretches almost 1,500 feet long and 90 feet wide above the crowds staring agog at its hourly light shows.

According to the attraction's own accounting, approximately 23 million people visit the Fremont Street Experience each year, many catching part of the Viva Vision spectacle while riders on SlotZilla, a slot machine-inspired zipline. The canopy, which debuted in 1995, features kaleidoscopic light shows set to the music of the Killers, Imagine Dragons, Heart, Green Day and The Who, among others.

Next year, the City of Las Vegas-owned structure will undergo a $32 million face-lift that will make the oversized attraction seven times brighter with four times the resolution. The renovations are expected to begin in February and be completed by December.

With an updated 12.5 million lights and 550,000-watt sound system, the new Viva Vision will go from an evening illuminator to an all-day attraction, with shows airing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A new app will also allow visitors to vote for upcoming songs and visuals or to write messages on the canopy.

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