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About us

Suqian Royal Advertising TEK Co.,Ltd.(RoyalAd Tek)is highly specialized in providing consultancy, design and manufacturing services for even the most challenging LED video wall display, Video Curtain,RGB LED Pixel Tube,Media Facade,Top hanging flexible LED curtain wall.

Key Feature:Lightweight,High Brightness.Save Your Time,Save Your Money.

Our main products: H3125/H3116 DIP346 High contrast Semi-transparent LED Mesh Screen, SMD3535 P55/P27 Flexible Hanging LED curtain, NationStar SMD1921 P3.91 Indoor Transparent LED screen, P50 LED pixel Linear Strip.

High performance with minimal maintenance, dynamic digital signage works in architecture, bridges, apartments, showrooms, shopping malls, and stadiums, the civil landscape across the sports, events, arts industry. We are proud to say our products are CE/ROHS/FCC certificated. In the future, we will provide various innovate LED pixel display products to satisfy all customers' requirements with our own R&D team.

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