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What is a Transparent LED Screen?

What is a Transparent LED Mesh Screen?  -The Advantage and Application.

A transparent led screen is an LED display panel that integrated the signal and power cable of smart led pixel light strips in one box with an aluminum frame. It has the Receiving Card, Driver IC...
People also call it a transparent led mesh screen, led grid screen, see-through led display screen. which are mainly used in outdoor wall media facade, architectural lighting, glass curtain walls, and building tops, led video wall, as well as the outdoor billboard, commercial street canopies, and sightseeing elevators.
The mesh screen breaks through the wall structures' limit to the traditional LED display screen, making the construction more flexible, optional, and more convenient. Unlike the traditional cabinet-type display, the LED mesh screen has these features:

1. Lightweight, High wind resistance, Strong heat dissipation

For this type of screen, lightweight is our most intuitive experience,avg weight 13kg/m2.
Secondly, the hollow structures allow the wind to pass through. The aluminum housing of the strips transfer the internal heat to its surface quickly, so there is no external cooling equipment needed. Strong heat dissipation, improves the photoelectric conversion efficiency, reduces the failure rate of the display, guarantees longer service life and decreases maintenance costs.

2. Highly Integrated Structure Solution,Energy-efficient, Low Operation Maintenance Cost

High-brightness, high-efficiency LED lamps, high conversion efficiency power supplies, and static constant current control schemes convert the most direct and efficient conversion of energy into light energy. Therefore, it can save 50-80% energy when compared with traditional displays with the same area and brightness.
Such a large-scale cost-energy saving expenditure will undoubtedly become the biggest operational advantage of the screen end-user, and bid farewell to the embarrassing situation of the traditional display "I install, but cannot afford the cost to operate".

This type of screen adopts a highly integrated built-in power supply and message receiving card module, each unit can work independently. The power and signal cable are in plugin design, it’s easy to handle even for untrained staff and reduce the cost of Electrical cables, and make the screen to be cleaner and more beautiful.

3. High Transparency, always Bid-winner

The product transparency is 35-85%, the screen has a lightweight and simple steel structure, so wall thickness and strength is not the limit anymore. At the same time, it has minimal impact on the working environment of indoor lighting, ventilation, and visibility, which is very important for the High Buildings or Glass Curtain or Facades. In addition, the mesh structure does not affect the appearance of the city and can be reviewed according to the lighting plan, which has an advantage over the municipal approval of the project.

4. Easy to install, Streamline Time Work, Cost-saving

Pre-installed module designs make it can be installed quickly and efficiently with steel structure. Compared with traditional display construction, it can save 70% cost, no heavy crane, 2/3 construction time is less than it. Its waterproof and self-cooling structure minimizes the failure rate and ensures the long-term stable operation.
In addition, we can fix the screen by replacing the single damaged light bar during the maintenance, which reduces the cost of raw materials. The message or ad campaign is managed with the software on PC or smartphone, wireless remote control system, and no technical staff is required to operate on the deck.

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